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The Digital Twins being used to plan the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a major event like no other, powered by innovation. For the organising committee and its stakeholders, this includes how the planning of the Games is being done, including operations, security, transport, workforce management and so much more.

OnePlan is the Official Supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for Paris 2024, and our award-winning software is being used to plan the Games. It includes a 3D digital twin view, Venue Twin, that any user at Paris 2024 and its stakeholders can access to provide life-like visualisations of how the venues will look – simply accessible via a web browser.

We’re delighted here to share some of the Venue Twins that we’re creating for next year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our digital twin solution leverages some of the latest computing and processor technologies of Intel, worldwide partner of the Olympic Games.

Read on and watch below how venues in central Paris are being transformed virtually by organisers of Paris 2024 to streamline its operational planning.

Aquatics Centre

The Aquatics Centre is a newly built permanent venue for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It will host artistic swimming, diving and water polo, and the organizing committee is using the VenueTwin to visualise and plan venue operations for the different events on every day.

Users from multiple Functional Areas at Paris 2024 plan in a 2D map view and can easily switch to the 3D digital twin view. This allows them the flexibility to plan in their preferred way – an important factor with 46 Functional Areas planning in OnePlan across this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The venue district – the large space outside the Aquatics Centre – is a fundamental part of the planning process in OnePlan. It enables the organizing committee and their stakeholders to plan for event set-ups, resource timelines, security planning, as well as crowd management.

Aquatics Centre: under the supervision of the Greater Paris Metropolitan Authority, designed by BYBAT IDF, VenhoevenCS & Ateliers 2/3/4/

Le Bourget

Along with the Aquatics Centre, Le Bourget is the only sports facility to be built specifically for Paris 2024. Home of Sport Climbing events, Le Bourget has five climbing walls that will be used during the Games, with indoor and outdoor walls for athlete warm-ups and the competition events. 

The VenueTwin for Le Bourget allows the organizing committee to visualise how this new space will look, for athlete preparation and the competition events. The platform allows users to ‘hyperjump’ between different spaces easily to speed up the planning process.

It also provides a great visualisation of seat views from every position. The VenueTwin gives the organizing committee an ideal way to visualise and plan all spaces for this new facility in the Seine-Saint-Denis area.

La Concorde

Place de la Concorde is being transformed for Paris 2024 into an open arena to host urban sports in their natural environment at the heart of the city. Temporary venues will host Skateboarding, Breaking, BMX Freestyle and 3x3 Basketball, with these spectacular sports taking place virtually non-stop for the duration of the Olympic Games.

In planning Concorde, organisers have to take into account a myriad of factors to ensure the events are safe and successful. This includes how the existing city infrastructure needs to change to accommodate these temporary venues, security scenario planning, traffic management, workforce positioning and responsibilities, fan experience, optimizing for peak sporting conditions and so much more.

This is all being visualized in our state-of-the-art Venue Twin software, which can be viewed by any stakeholder any time, from anywhere. It’s reducing the time and costs of planning the next Games, thanks to our powerful cloud-based solution that’s easy for anyone to use.

Eiffel Tower Arena

The Eiffel Tower Arena is set to be a magical setting for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with Beach Volleyball and Blind Football taking place there. With a capacity of 12,860 spectators, this temporary stadium will provide unique sporting moments during the Games.

As with all the temporary venues for Paris 2024, this venue currently only exists in Venue Twin. It gives the organising committee and their stakeholders a hyper-realistic way to plan and visualise all aspects of the operational plan for this arena, including security, transport, crowd management, workforce planning, and more.

The 3D digital twins wins we’re creating with Paris 2024 are fully interoperable with the 2D map views in the same system. When a plan is changed, however big or small that change, it’s instantly shown in the 3D view. This gives organisers hands-on access to real-time plans for every venue so they can plan collaboratively with whoever needs access.


The Esplanade des Invalides is one of Paris’ preferred leisure destinations where locals and tourists enjoy sport, music and walking. For the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it’s being transformed into a show-stopping venue for Archery, Para-Archery and other sports.

The Invalides Venue Twin that we’ve created with Paris 2024 shows how event organisers are planning with temporary infrastructure on existing city environments. The centimetre-accurate placement of crowd infrastructure includes how fans with additional access needs will be able to easily access the venue and have excellent views of the action.

When planning operations at Invalides using the Venue Twin visualisations, organisers are able to view how the venue will look at different times of day and in different weather conditions. This is an innovative way in which the Paris 2024 organising committee is able to plan the Games with multiple scenarios in mind, and plan for any potential scenario.