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Behind the Plan

Episode 2: People Management

Our latest look Behind the Plan of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games takes us to the People Management, or PEM, functional area. This department at the organizing committee is responsible for the planning of workforce, expected to be 4,500 staff, 45,000 volunteers and 100,000 contractors for Paris 2024.

The PEM team uses OnePlan to plan Games-time resources across all competition venues. Hear from Carla Perroni on how she’s used OnePlan for this huge undertaking and how OnePlan makes it “way more intuitive than before”:

OnePlan reduces the risk for workforce planning at Paris 2024

The People Management department maps out the people needed by the different functional areas at Paris 2024 at specific dates and times throughout the Games. Every object placed on OnePlan’s visual web platform instantly becomes geo-accurate data that can power insights and operations. For the PEM team, this helps them analyse two key things: 

This helps reduce the risk for Paris 2024 on where the volunteers and contractors need to be positioned on what date and time, and their key responsibilities. 

Carla says: “The People Management team uses OnePlan to plan Games-time resources across all the competition venues, which is of course a huge undertaking.”

Dot planning in OnePlan

Many people in the events industry refer to workforce placement as ‘Dot planning’. Whenever the PEM team places a Dot on the venue map, they can add important details including comments, titles and codes. This precise information ensures operational efficiency when delivering the events.

Using VenueTwin to plan the venues

In the video, Carla explains the benefits of using VenueTwin, our digital twin software, to help plan the competition venues. She shows the digital twin for Le Bourget, which will host Sport Climbing - “a modern sport being planned in a modern way” as Carla puts it. The venue will host 6,000 fans at each event session on multiple days.

The digital twins have been created in partnership with Intel, worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Carla says: “Our PEM team and other functional areas can visualise the venue remotely and use the digital twin to make decisions in advance, and last-minute decisions, for the most effective use of resources.”