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OnePlan is the best way to map and design events, with all the tools you need to plan accurately. It’s event planning made easy.

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The collaborative way to plan your event site

Easily share and plan together with colleagues, partners, suppliers, vendors, broadcasters, local authorities and all stakeholders.

“OnePlan is an absolute time saver when it comes to producing and managing an event of any scale. It’s feature packed, super easy to use and provides all the necessary information anyone could ever need about an event. I highly recommend it!”"

Phil Morgan

Taunton Live & Pride

Plan accurately with your partners, vendors and suppliers

Maps & CAD Import

Choose from up-to-date 2D, HD and Satellite maps, and add your existing CAD files

OnePlan gives you the best selection of maps to plan your event site. Position infrastructure, vehicles, workforce and any object you want with total accuracy. Import your CAD files and plan independently on different floor levels within OnePlan.

Intelligent software

Instantly see area size and capacities

Simply draw out your event areas and OnePlan’s intelligent calculators instantly tell you the area size and other details. All the information appears real-time in dashboard reports about your event.

Custom functionality for any type of event

500+ objects to choose from, with more added regularly. Developed by event experts in each sector.

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